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Most trusted & recommended by millions of students

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Most trusted & recommended by millions of students

About Us

  1. “Our mission is to make the whole process of getting education and training easy with the high-quality services for all our international students and we introduce them to the best educational institutions in the United Kingdom”

    We are Across Borders Educare Ltd, we are one of the leading consultancy services for education in the United Kingdom. We are enthusiastic about learning and education in general. We provide free, honest, independent and informative advice and guidance to all types and levels of education and training needs, to national and international students who are interested to study in the UK. We will offer you our services from the very beginning to the moment you complete your education journey.

    We have great experience of UK education system, our professional staff hold their degrees from the top UK universities. Our staff will not only deal with you admission process but they will also provide you guidance on how to make visa application, any issues and advice related to fee payment to colleges and universities.

    We have a great relationship with many universities and educational institutions and our application success rate is high. We don’t let our clients apply by themselves, our expert admission department will provide all the help needed to guarantee your seat and will make the application process easier for our clients.

    Our professional and free consultants work with you every step of the way to find the university that is right for you and will guide you through the entire application process. With our unique services, we help students obtain offers from universities such as Medicine, Nursing, Art & Design, Law, Project Management, International Relations, Business Management, and History. Our aim is to make you ready for your career and help you choose the right program to study and develop your career path, including internship and work placement offers.

    We are based in suit 105 Olympic House, 28-42 Clements Road, Ilford, IG1 1BA. Our company is registered at the UK Companies House with the registration number: 12761621

    Our aims and objectives are:

    • Providing students with trusted advice and guidance on educational, academic and training courses relevant to their needs.
    • Making student’s experience as smooth and simple as possible.
    • Be completely informed about our affiliated and partner institutes in order to help students choose the best place to study.
    • Assist students with their VISA applications and documents.
    • Providing them clear guidance about legal restrictions applicable to them.
    • Helping students make the transition from home to international country to pursue education.

    Our 4 steps approach to achieve higher education

    1. Choose Higher Education (contact us today for free consultancy and start your higher education journey)
    2. Submit Your Application (Our expert professionals will help you to submit your application to the right institute)
    3. Get Your Admission (Get your admission confirmation and achieve your goal)
    4. Visa Application Guidance (We will guide you through your visa application process)